More than a 1000+ testimonials

You have inspired me in many ways. And although I struggle to implement the changes required, due to circumstances, past bad decisions, and bad habits, I keep trying. I am consistently inspired by your concept of accretion.

K. Myburgh

I have said it before but it bears repeating. My days would not be the same without the inspiration of your morning email. I am hugely inspired by you and what you are doing and I know that the little group I pass the email onto are likewise inspired.

G. Rissik

I am blown away every time and everyday by your deeply inspiring words.

T. Maziko

I am a recovering addict trying to juggle a few crazy things in life and wanted to let you know that your mails help in more facets of life than you may think – not just business.

V. O

I just wanted to say thanks for this morning’s message. It triggered something that gave me a new perspective on something I needed to deal with!

Nothing short of profound for where I am at.

S. Booth

Printing this mail and putting it up in the office.

B. Strydom